The Veterans Heart Health Program is a FREE 12-month health and fitness program funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and managed nationally by Corporate Health Management (CHM).

The Heart Health Program aims to help you increase your physical health and wellbeing and includes regular physical activity sessions tailored to your needs and fitness level and 12 health education modules.

As a Heart Health participant, you are supported by a team of health experts and your fellow group members. You will have access to health education materials and practical tools and advice to help you achieve your health goals.

The education modules cover a range of general health topics including:

Setting healthy goals

Information on nutrition and healthy eating

Risk factors for chronic health conditions

Reducing or quitting smoking

Responsible alcohol consumption

Back care

Stress management

Developing better sleep patterns

Maintaining a healthy heart

Eligible participants are required to return a program enrolment form either online or in hard copy completed by you. And a program medical clearance form completed by your GP prior to commencing on the program. Both forms can be access via the website or emailed directly to you or can be sent to you in hard copy form via the post. Throughout the program you will have the opportunity to complete a number of health surveys, medical re-evaluations and food dairies that allow you to set in place strategies to reach your personal health, fitness and wellbeing goals and track your progress.

The FREE program has two separate delivery modes.

Individual program

Group program

The program caters for all age groups, genders and levels of fitness and mobility. Most people want to improve their health in a general sense but find it hard to get started. Registering for the Heart Health program gets you started and gives you the skills and knowledge to keep you going on the path to new lifelong healthy habits.


The Heart Health Program is open to all veterans with operational service, peacekeepers or those covered under the ADF firefighter Scheme and who have not previously participated in a Heart Health Program. All participants require a program medical clearance form to be completed by their GP before beginning.

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